Monday, 25 August 2008

Captain America Crossover, Easter Eggs and Clues

Easter eggs and clues hinting at the upcoming Captain America movie scheduled in 2011 by Marvel have been sprinkled in the two last superhero movies:

In the movie Iron Man:

There was an Easter egg added by the production to tease us:
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One may see an object with a familiar white star painted on, under Tony Stark's arm. Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, has confirmed what fans were thinking: it is indeed the famous shield of Captain America seen in Tony Stark's workshop.

In The Incredible Hulk:

General Ross mentions to Emil Blonsky that there was a World War II program that created a supersoldier serum. The general is obviously referring to Operation: Rebirth, which was seeking to develop a means of creating physically superior soldiers. And in the movie Dr. Josef Reinstein is indeed referenced as the inventor of the Super-Soldier serum: the blue liquid hold by Sam Sterns in the picture below.
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Super-soldier serum that links the Incredible Hulk to Captain America.
Also, when Genral Bolt goes into a secret room to take the serum to transform Bronsky, one may see the logo 'Vita-Ray' on a refrigerated gas bottle , which is the second component, along with the Super-Soldier serum, of the original Captain America formula.
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Vita Ray logo is a reference to Captain America.

Besides those easter eggs and clues, there could be a real crossover scene showing Captain America in store with the upcoming DVD release of the Incredible Hulk:

"There's a point when Bruce Banner gives up on his quest for the cure and decides to kill himself. So he travels far North and reaches the Arctic Circle. You might have seen bits of it in some of the promos. The result was a very dark and strong scene, which Marvel, me and everyone else considered to be too hard to young audiences to take, so we've cut it. Having that said, when Bruce arrives at his destination he meets up with Captain America! At some point this week, we will make it available on the internet – but I cannot tell you where or when – and the material will definitely be on the DVD."
Director Louis Leterrier

Incredible Hulk DVD showing Captain America frozen in the ice: too bad they cut the scene showing Captain America! Shall wait to watch this scene then: Captain America is worth waiting a bit!

Update: we now have a screen capture from the Incredible Hulk DVD giving a glimpse of Captain America:
(Click on the picture to enlarge it.)

Hope to have a clip showing Captain America in the Arctic ice as soon as the DVD of the Incredible Hulk is released!


Anonymous said...

ide like to know,if the part in hulk 2,where the hulk retreats to the national park,and gets grazed by lightning,and throws a boulder at the sky,is a reference to thor.
the hulk specifically looks as if he senses the presense of sumthing intimidating,plus the news woman,was speaking of the storm,as a freak lightning storm that only occured in that park region.